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Today, a website needs to be accessed on mobile phones and tablets. The graphical interface is the first thing that needs adaptation work. The applications of Internet browsing respect more or less web standards, making the task increased.
The solution: select products combining simplicity, efficiency and compatibility.

Interface normal size Interface big size
An interface for use on touch screens: small mobile devices and tablets have resolutions of screens similar to desktop PC screens. The dimensions of the video player control buttons to adjust the readability and touch.

Different sizes of an image SVG

The control buttons are icons in vector format SVG : this warranty size enlarging without image degradation (aliasing, pixelation), which is enjoyed with a zoom on touch device.

Playback Features

The graphical interface PAUSE enables full control of video playback:
  • Buttons play/pause, fast forward, direct access to the desired scene... The previous/next buttons allow to navigate from one video to another in the case of a playlist.
  • The control buttons are smart and adapt to the device being used: PC, mobile, tablet, all offer dissimilar features. The enlargement in full screen and volume management depend on the specifications of the current device.
Advanced playback features are available:
  • Repeat mode (looping) : repeat playback of the current video
  • Autoplay : the first video plays automatically without user interaction
  • Gapless playback : playback does not stop at the first video in the list, all videos are played
  • Pre-loading time : video pre-loading time before reading
Buttons of video player

Responsive Design

Switch the screen of your mobile or tablet, and playing video will be unreadable because it will be out of the screen!
Responsive Design techniques offer to overcome the problems of consultation of the same website on different devices.

If you are anxious to achieve a website with a good user experience, choose tools that dynamically respond to different configurations internet users: rotation of the mobile screen, resizing a window ...
The PAUSE video player has the ability to adapt to the environment, posting videos instantly reacts to keep the proportions and original formats: videos remain visible, the display rules (CSS styles, Media Queries) are respected, reading Web content is fluid.

Responsive design
The Responsive Design mode is available from the multiple choice configuration generator video player.

Display mode

Admire your videos in the best conditions: choose the size, proportions and framing.

Proportional display

For erroneous videos, a system for correcting ratio of the video is available in the configurator.

Control the appearance of the video

Projects to meet the most demanding Web sites, the video player PAUSE offers many configuration options.
You can control the appearance and the loading of videos:
  • Performance improvement : choose to not play the video immediately in the loading of the page
  • Smooth playback : preload the video in order to avoid jerks
    Preload bar
  • Invitation to play video : add an action button to begin playback (call to action)
  • Best feedback : the user will appreciate that no video is played without its agreement, avoiding unwanted sounds
  • Screens Home and End : an introductory image replaces the player during the loading of the video

You can control the display of the interface buttons:
  • Permanent display of buttons: give the control of the playback to the Internet user
  • Appearance of the video on mouse over: You can enjoy the whole video
  • Removing the control buttons: The video plays naked, useful for perfect integration

Screens Home and End

Improving the integration of video into your web pages, with introductory content promoting playback.
Screens Home and End can be images, HTML content provided by the developer's website. Our product can also capture an image of the video.
Screens reach several objectives:
  • Maintain the momentum of the website: the image is displayed until the full loading of the video
  • Merge the video in the scene: the player is invisible as long as the video is played
  • Maintain the momentum of the website: the image is displayed until the full loading of the video
  • Invite to action: the image contains an introductory text requesting the user to click for more information
  • HTML content : exploit the advantages of HTML (navigation links, common graphic CSS), facilitate future updates of content
  • Automatic Capture of the video : the player can capture an image of the video and use it as an introduction
  • Control the appearance of the video player : immediate appearance after loading the first video after user interaction
  • Control the disappearance of the video player : at the end of the video playback, at the first stop selected by the user. After disappeared the player is replaced by the end screen.

Start and end contents

Backup preferences

A user navigates on average 2 hours daily for his personal use, including 1 hour at his workplace. Video playback is part of its activities.
At the office, the videos are often played with the volume down or mute. Nothing more frustrating for an employee to be surprised by playing a video, and disturbing his colleagues.

User settings The confirmed Internet user uses all the tools at its disposal to maintain control over their navigation experience.
This is why the video player PAUSE takes into account the concerns of users and provides a backup volume preferences.
While browsing a site, the videos are played in preserving the choice of the user, ensuring better apreciation tool.
Volume buttons

* Backup is an optional configuration, it can be disabled in the implementation of the video player because of the cookies use policies.

Installation and configuration

More and more websites include videos, in order to present the company, to publish news, or disseminate product demonstrations. For their achievements, the project manager who is responsible for integrating video player will choose a turnkey tool rather than a long development, without guarantee of success and expensive.

Our video player PAUSE is designed with the latest technology and is scalable, it is easy to install on a Web server, and easy to configure.
Simple installation :
  • The video player comes in a ZIP archive to decompress in a web server directory that hosts the site
  • The product is mainly composed of JavaScript scripts, they must be loaded by the Web page that will broadcast videos
Settings generator of the video player Simple configuration :
  • The player is configured with a consistent and fast JavaScript syntax to use to define the videos to play and to enable options
  • A configuration generator is available to facilitate the Javascript writing non-developers
  • Automatic adjustment to the client environment : no special configuration is required for compatibility with devices of users


During a website design phase, the developer faces many bugs, and even later after posting. For if one can provide most errors, some only fire in rare cases.
Find the cause of an error can become a full time job. Facilitate the identification of an error is essential for productivity.

Your video player PAUSE provides debugging information in real time on loading and playing media.
If an error occurs, activate event history (logs) of debugging you will quickly solve the problem.

Debug console

The most common errors are:
  • Incorrect syntax Javascript in the player setup
  • Missed import of the player files
  • Wrong video path
  • Video format unreadable by the player
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