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Discover PAUSE, a new video player for Internet!
Gain time to implement your videos by choosing a turnkey tool: enjoy multiple features and regular changes:
  • Installation is simple and is fully configurable. The configuration generator assists people without HTML / JavaScript knowledge.
  • Developed with HTML5 technology, is compatible with 99% of the commonly used Internet configurations.
  • An intelligent graphical user interface: adapts to touchscreens for readability, choice of dimensions, proportions and scaling videos, dynamic response with Responsive Design.
  • Advanced control features: improve performance by managing the appearance and loading of video, set video playback (autoload, repetition, pre-loading).
  • Screens Home and End: better integrate videos into your web pages, with introductory content promoting video playback.
  • The product is translated into French and English in order to ensure a better understanding of its operation.
  • The support of the video player is ensured by a full and clear documentation. The requests are followed by our maintenance team with a high reactivity.
Video player interface


The videos are very common on the Internet. They improve a website by making it more attractive, and presenting information more efficiently.

To broadcast your video contents, choose a player answering all the needs.
Are you a publisher of Web solutions? Make a difference with your competitors by offering our video player to your customers and thus offer new ideas.
You are individual and write a blog? Suggest video content to boost.

Mockup with video player
Examples of uses of the video player:
  • Showcase website: presentation of the company's activities, television report exposing the company's history
  • e-commerce site: introductions and product demonstrations
  • Calendar of releases: new video games, concerts and shows in France, shows
  • Videos shared library: audiovisual heritage, contents free of rights of use
  • Blog association, institution: activities of an association, videos of a class to the primary school
  • Educational blog profession and passion: cooking aid, strength exercises, do-it-yourself at home
  • Personal website: CV, works of an artist, travel narrative, anecdotes of a mother

Compatible browsers and devices

Wifi and 3G technologies have contributed to the presence of mobile and tablets on Internet. With the growth of devices and regularly updated navigation applications, there are hundreds of different configurations wich surf the Web.
How a website it can be compatible with all these configurations and remain sustainable? By implementing evolutionary tools.
Smartphones and tablets

Our company is aware of the concerns of web developers: the regular product updates are accompanied by compatibility tests.
Our video player is compatible with 99% of commonly used configurations on Internet.
Interoperabilities : the right technology for the device in use is activated. And most mobile phones and tablets enjoy the HTML5 interface.


HTML5 logo
With the shutdown of Adobe Flash Player scheduled for 2020, all Internet browsers are turning to other standard Web technologies.
The video player PAUSE is developed with HTML5 technology, the best current successor compatible with the multiple configurations used on the Internet.


Each client project is different: new graphics, new items, new video content.
Make profitable gradually your projects by adopting a unique tool: the video player PAUSE is adaptable to all projects and is easy to install, allowing to capitalize on the expertise of its implementation.

An implementation suitable for various projects:
  • Publishing Tools: CMS, blogs, dynamic or static websites.
  • Skin templates : Responsive Design, interface customization.
An easier implementation :
  • Generator configuration : for people with no HTML/JavaScript knowledge, a questionnaire to complete step by step is available in the private area to generate the code to include in the web page.
    Installation documentation and clear configuration.


Our video player PAUSE is translated into French and English, it is the only market to promote the French language. Our company is established in France, we wanted to promote our Francophone clients.
English remains the choice of IT professionals for writing technical documentation, thus targeting a wider audience and developing a universal communication.

A double translation allows to assure a better understanding of the functioning of our software and ensure better assistance:
  • Our efforts are visible on the website: articles, documentation, contact form and response of the French support.
  • For website publishers, it is easier to propose a French product to their clients.
  • The messages of the video player are translated: events of historic error and logs debug.
  • To chat with the language of the user, automatic detection is performed by the browser preferences. The language can also be forced to the configuration of the video player.

French and english languages flags
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